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Poem titled “Ocean” written by Charlie Morris


“God cupped her breath of hand
and I, Ocean I, swelled with love
when breath of hand descended from above
and I, Ocean I, swept up to greet it
reached up sweetly, longingly to meet it
and felt the touch
of the open palm
and through this effort
became Wave.

I was Wave
and felt the call of Moon
dreamed of white capped rollers
and the shore coming soon
fell in love with liquidity
and this ancient rite of travel
paused when I saw the surf’s edge
and began to unravel
collapsing into the trough
of my own momentum.

I became so many
so effervescent many
and we tingled with the touch
of sand
we danced together
under the moon
on land
I lay upon the Earth
and felt what was left
leave me.

Then God winked at the moon
and she pulled a silken leash
rolling back the ocean
exposing the beach
and I?
I left with the tide.”