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The Relationship between Love, Truth and Trust

Love is what we experience when truth and action collide.  It is an explosion in our heart. When we approach relationships of any kind, where truth and action fall into alignment, all manner of inner barriers, built upon protections that … Continue reading

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If you want to hear God laugh…

“If you want to hear God laugh, tell him about your plans”.  Taken from a song I think.  I heard this first in the movie “Bella”.  I love this quote.  I think about it every day like a mantra.  Not … Continue reading

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New Poem on my poetry site

Posted a new poem called “So Many Hands” on my poetry site.  It is available to be read or listened to from the homepage.

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What’s your favorite issue?

How much do you love the way you feel uncomfortable in crowds?  How about the way you just can’t spend time with your mother without feeling angry or resentful?  And the way that you dive into guilt at the most … Continue reading

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Kundalini and Therapy

Therapy of many different kinds can be extremely beneficial during times of strong Kundalini flows.  So much open vulnerability and raw emotion is wild and loose, that you can’t help but learn and grow by leaps and bounds.  There is … Continue reading

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Love needs no defense.  And if you are defending your heart, it isn’t love that you are defending, it is fear.  And fear is what protects the defended heart.  Love needs no defense, only the wounded ego lays upon the … Continue reading

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Love and Gravity

Certain themes arrive when working with clients, reverberating throughout my days.  Certain metaphoric leanings remain close at hand.  In a shamanic sense I consider these lessons as medicine.  In a grounded sense they are, at the very least, dynamic koans … Continue reading

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