Silence and Darshan Meetings

Silence and Darshan Meetings

What can be communicated with words between two beings?  Plenty. Being able to speak for one’s self, and to communicate and express our experience of life is a powerful gift.  The work of speech is honest work, yet it has natural limitations.  It is limited to words, and words must come from the filter of the mind to even be spoken.  The gift of speech pales in comparison to the fullness of what is said through silence.

What then, is communicated in silence between two beings?


Silence is the language of deep connection.  Silence cannot help but expose what is always waiting behind our words, behind our mind, behind our doing.  Silence is what we speak, when we talk to another with a full heart.  Silence is the voice of an uncloaked heart, unhidden pain, and deep compassion. And in that tongue, we cannot control what we say…it all comes pouring out.

For me, this is what offering Darshan is about.  An open invitation to anyone who would like to experience being heard, welcomed and loved through their silence.  It is an invitation to plainly and openly witness their full selves, and to compassionately relate to their own beauty and perfection.

For the next schedule Darshan Meeting, check out the Darshan Meetings page

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