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Unhurting Yourself

I have a confession to make.  I have seen the movie, Dan in Real Life at least 8 times.  I so rarely buy DVD’s.  I have bought two in my whole life.  This movie so perfectly captures the single dad … Continue reading

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“So many gods, so many creeds, so many paths that wind and wind, While just the art of being kind is all the sad world needs.”-Edith Wheeler Wilcox I am reflecting tonight on love and kindness and how my heart … Continue reading

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Dish Yogi

Tonight I could not sleep.  Something deep and profound was stirring.  Something needed doing and I did not know what it was.  I could instinctively tell that something needed cleaning, purification.  Something needed to be set right in my world … Continue reading

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Poem: Fallen Feathers

Fallen Feathers I don’t want to know about your perfect hair, your shiny sword of truth, your clarity. When you speak, I hear nothing. I am too busy looking for tear streaks and grime, arms weary from dragging around your … Continue reading

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Yoga Poses: How Long to Hold Them?

Yoga happens for me during the day.  But no matter how much happens, I cannot go to sleep without doing some right before I lay down, there is simply too much energy and guidance telling me “get up! do this … Continue reading

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Poem: Deep Ocean

Deep Ocean I stand on the stern knees and chest against the wet edge. Deck plates buckle, gray sky watches, dark water waits, wind whips.. wind whistles. So many ships, more than I can count. Why are they here, in … Continue reading

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Think upon the tree and how the branches reach for the sky and sun, but keep the core of the tree in balance.  All at once the branches unbalance the trunk…simply by growing the tree becomes out of balance.  And … Continue reading

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Carry My Heart

Something to meditate upon…said to yourself, in first person perspective…. “I carry my heart for an open world”

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Thoughts about a friend

I thought about a friend today and wished them well, truly and deeply wished them well.  Then a single dandelion bloom fell from the sky and I opened my hand and it fell right into it. I thought about the … Continue reading

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Moonlight on Craggy Pinnacle

I have three different revenue streams.  I do not think of them as jobs…just different identified ways that money enters into my life to pay for “stuff” that seems to require money…rent, food, clothing.  This week they were all taking … Continue reading

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