Living in Integrity

The world is becoming  a place where telling the truth is no longer adequate.  For a time, it was the best we could to make a difference in our own lives, or the lives of others.  It was once enough.  Now…it isn’t.  Everyone wants to know how to change the world and make it into a better place.  Here is what you do… Live in integrity.


Living in integrity is knowing what your truth is, and then living it.  It is about knowing what you are called to do and acting upon it.  Embodying what you naturally feel drawn to embody.  Do you really think you can’t change the world all by yourself?  What the world needs from all of us now is our integrity.

Think that you have time to work on this?  Maybe so…but ask yourself this…is this mind made culture one that supports what you know you really wish to do or who you really are?  Do you live in a culture that specifically supports listening to your heart and trusting your inner voice and embracing the truth that you are always supported?  If it doesn’t, why not help create one that does?  Everyone wants to know how they can be a part of this.  They want to believe they can make a difference.  They may not want to make the big leap before knowing that what they do will change things for the better.  Here is how you do it…you start with yourself.  There is always one thing you can do something about, and that is to be open to opening your heart.  No matter where you are imprisoned, or who died, or who stole from you, or who you hurt, or who broke your heart, or who you divorced, or where you work, or where you live…you still have the capacity to love.   And once you know what you love, do something about it, move towards it.  For some people this will mean working with some wide ranging organization, or starting one of their own.  For others, it will mean changing the living situation for their children to make a safe place for them to live.  For others, it may mean showing compassion to their captors.  Many more may simply be called to be in a loving relationship.  Some may feel drawn to reconcile past grievances with loved ones and family.  There isn’t a person alive that doesn’t have some calling from their heart that seeks alignment and deepening…to be embodied as living in integrity.

There is a difference between telling the truth and living in integrity.  The first supposition to make is to know that there is always more truth than we are aware of.  Because of this limited viewpoint we naturally have, we can only tell our current truth as we know it.  Being honest, is about telling the whole truth as soon as we know it…at least to ourselves…ideally to others who we have agreed to be honest with as well.  Beyond that though is this path of integrity.  Living according to and in alignment with our recognized truth.  And if you are sure that you can’t do this yet, because you haven’t seen what your truth really is or you are confused about it, then I have this to offer:  Confusion is what we experience when we know what we feel called to do, or live, or be…and feel too afraid to embrace it.  There actually isn’t confusion about what to do, there is only ambivalence and fear masquerading as confusion.

The world really does change every single second that there are more of us living in integrity.  Remember that it doesn’t have to be one huge thing.  It just means “living” in integrity…finding daily ways to embrace that which you love doing.  For some out there, this may be 5 minutes a day.  And that is a lot, compared to what they are accustomed to.

Imagine a world where there are very few living this way.  Imagine a place where the majority of people do not know what their inner calling is?  What would that world look like?  What would it feel like to live in?  What kinds of things would the people there do, while they were NOT embracing their calling to be kind or loving to themselves and one another?  How would people treat one another in a world made that way?

Get the point?

Still think you can’t make a difference?

In the world we all live in, every single second that you embrace “being” in integrity with love, makes a difference.  Every single person gets the chance to be a vehicle for bringing more joy, peace and love to this place we would like to call home.

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