Photos of UNC Chapel Hill by night

Right now what is interesting is that I no longer own Photoshop.  Two computers died and the discs are lost.  Taking photos lately means that I’ve no chance to even crop on my laptop.  I like it.  I can’t alter color, saturation, no blending images or fancy stuff.  Just one shot images, one chance for that shot that makes you smile.  It feels honest. I can’t even locate my tripod anywhere.

A while back we had a rare snow here in NC.  I had been dreaming of taking pictures of a chapel, at night, on UNC Campus for years.  That snowy night sealed the deal for me and I headed out around 11 PM or so with the camera.  Water drops on lens?  Yep.  Long exposures without a tripod….it takes a steady hand.  I just wandered around campus and got what looked good.  Below is one of the shots of the chapel I have been wanting to capture for quite a while.  Shooting while getting snowed on with bitter wind just made it all the better.  The rest of the set is HERE.


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