Changes in Working with People

You just never know what is coming.  The presumption that we do, however, is what many need, in order to have security.  That single illusion is what I live without.  When that is removed, and the truth of impermanence hits home, makes it through the shield of the ego…this truth brings us face to face with all that we have done and been through.  Over time, that is all we ever deal with.

Impermanence only feels ungrounding when we are guilty of knowing what to expect.  At different points in our evolution while in bodies, truth assails this “knowing” and we find out what is real and what is not.  And what was not real, finally, can be seen for the innocent journey it was.

This may seem off topic at this point in the conversation…But today I changed the following pages here on  my site:  Welcome, What is Offered, and Donations.

When friends give up asking me why I will not charge for the work, I have been asked to find a sort of middle ground.  Because a point was made that many may presume that the reason I do not ask for money is perhaps because I am so well off that I simply can afford to do so and still afford all that I need to support my home, my children, etc…financially speaking.  So, I have updated my donations page to reflect more of what is going on there.

I also deleted ALL of my pages that had separate definitions of the apparently different “things” that I once offered.  Honestly if someone called me up for a medical intuition session..then that is what we talked about.  Simple.  If someone wanted to talk about their Kundalini Awakening, that is what we talked about.  There were a few tangential forays into other things, but mostly we were kept on the intended track.   I deleted those pages to represent how the boundaries during sessions have been deleted.  Things are just all blended now.  If I am with someone lately it just all comes forward…guidance of all sorts, on all fronts- just starts showing up.  Medical intuition, Kundalini, past life, a dead relative relaying messages…the works.  In short, there really can’t be anything other than a “meeting” and then to see what arises in that meeting.  No description can really apply and I can’t predict what will come forth.

The psychic medium thing is very “new” for me.  Like with any of it, I can’t plan for it.  I have no idea how it happens.  I will just be sitting with a client and then suddenly their mom or wife or brother shows up…who has died…and starts relaying messages. I get impressions of what their life was like, what they are trying to get me to pass along to the person I am speaking with.  It isn’t creepy. I don’t get goosebumps. It is as natural as breathing.  The thing I enjoy the most about it, is that the messages are all   completely based in love and they are always about supporting the person.  Also, I always get the knowing of how these beings are all around the client all the time, in some way, watching, hovering, caring.  There are many ways that I felt I could be a healer through my life.  And I have worn many different hats.  But believe me, relaying messages from the other side was definitely nothing I ever considered or aspired to.  To be honest, I thought it was somehow bogus.  Until it started happening.

A client once observed that I become whatever the client karmically needs me to become, for their healing.  And I feel the truth of that.  Like an involuntary chameleon. I definitely don’t mind.  I am just surprised at the variance and spectrum of what shows up and moves through.  Impermance.  What does a healing session with me look like?  I have no idea, but I love doing it.

The only thing I know for sure, is that it helps people.  And that is specific enough for me.



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One Response to Changes in Working with People

  1. Love to this post, Charlie. I love the innocence, the honesty of it and of you.

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