Truth and Hope

Three layers of the wishing well.

Hope is on the top.

Hopelessness is in the center.

Truth is at the bottom.

And then…there is no bottom, center or top.  Because the truth is Love.  But we only can find it when we can accept what the truth is.  And it is never what we presume it will be.  Which makes it hard to believe.  Yet, it is always greater than we can imagine.

Truth is the salvation you seek.  And the reason we don’t find lasting peace is because we think an outward savior will deliver us.  And the irony is that when we face the Truth of our pain, our darkness, our demons…when we don’t beg to be delivered from these things any longer…it is then that we find God in a lasting way…but not before.

Our hope is in our Truth.

About addpresence

Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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One Response to Truth and Hope

  1. But wishing can be kind of sweet, you know, like “I wish you well”, and that is a sending of love. If the wish is wistful and seeks to cover over fear, it is actually despair or fear in disguise. There can be no salvation in a disguise. Loving the one that feels despair, that one, that scared one, having mercy on her/him, that is our salvation, our own personal Christ and Blessed Mother, having mercy upon the one hanging on the cross.

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