Hiding Plain Sight

The title isn’t missing anything.  I feel compelled to add that.  The phrase came to me and I too corrected it…”Hiding IN Plain Sight”.

“No, no…you are to write about ‘Hiding Plain Sight’, Charlie.” guidance repeated, like the poetry that lands inside so often.  So, here it goes….

What is obvious, remains hidden, when we no longer look.  When we have had our insights trumped by the desire to be loved by those who did not love how they can no longer see…what is in plain sight-HIDES from us.  We hide what is in open view from ourselves in exchange for love and approval.  Who wants to be seen? What adult wants to have a child see more than they do?  What adult wants even another adult to know more about the inner workings of life and the absurdity of what they struggle to maintain?  Who gladly marches towards the acknowledgment of ignorance-of the inability to see?

Very few.

And as a parent, if you do not love what you cannot see, you are not going to feel safe when your child, still so connected and untempered by fear-can see more than you can, about simple love, about how it actually isn’t as complicated as you see it.

“You have to face reality”.  Really means this…”as long as we all keep doing what we are being told to do, this will continue to be reality for all of us.”

Leaving behind reality is scary for people.  Seeing what is behind “reality” isn’t comfortable for people IF they don’t recall that there is “behind” space to see.  If they have forgotten how to see what is in plain sight, it can feel scary.

What I want to share is that there are no special people here who can see what others are unable to see.  It isn’t a matter of some are born that way and others are not.  There are only people who are able to see what others have not yet recalled how to see…once again.  It is that a large scale remembrance is emerging now.  And this remembrance doesn’t really start until the very deepest wounds in each of us begin to heal.  Because what is in plain sight, isn’t hiding.

It is only hidden when our unmet pain, hides plain sight.

I mention this in general because many of my client’s are in a place where they consciously do not share what they see.  The seeing is right there.  They consciously live in a world surrounded often, by people who have not yet remembered their own seeing.  They feel isolated.  They feel invisible.  They feel claustrophobic and hemmed in by a world that seems to not care or perceive what the person can easily see.  And thus, they end up bedridden, ill, chronically depressed.  And why wouldn’t they be?  Suppressing such a natural thing as clearly seeing AND SAYING, what is as plain as the nose on a face-is no way to live.

The world wants to wake up.  People know it is time to share what they see.  Who will lead this?  How many leaders are too many?  If sharing what we plainly see in others becomes a way of life, and is done from a place of love and compassion…can there possibly be too many leaders?  And in time, if everyone is tuned into the “other” reality, then why would we need a teacher, or a leader at all?

Everyone just sharing.  And what seems invisible to so many, becomes the same blue sky.

It is a very interesting thing.  I know of people dying because they will not share their gift of seeing what is on the other side.  Suppressing what is true is killing them.  I know of people dying because they feel hopeless, because there is no news or connection from the other side.

Seems to me that both are there for the other, if one will take the chance to share and if the other will take the chance to listen…If one will take the chance to see and share with the other how they too can learn to look and see what is always there.

Hiding plain sight.  There is nothing wrong with what you see.  But the only way that will become a reality, is for it to have a voice in this world.

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Healer, poet, author, yogi, single father...outdoorsy guy.
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2 Responses to Hiding Plain Sight

  1. I absolutely love every word of this, but especially “And this remembrance doesn’t really start until the very deepest wounds in each of us begin to heal. Because what is in plain sight, isn’t hiding.” So, so great. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and beauty.

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