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My Favorite Word Is Sometimes

Sometimes I can only be true to myself if I slide in between everyone else and disappear.  Because inside those in between places I am most like I am, like a monk in a cave.  I turn inward because turning … Continue reading

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Not Quite a Bounce Back

The last time I really believed that my single life could be at an end, was September of 2012.   But I could not brook being in a relationship with someone who would not progress from separated to officially and … Continue reading

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2 Week Wrap Up

How does one not quite thrive but still survive?  Well we here at the Morris house are rather experts at this art form. As long as we are dwelling here in tightly clustered homes in a city and cannot yet … Continue reading

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The Relationship Between Love, Truth and Trust-and Responsibility

Today I went in search of a writing I composed some time ago.  It has been referenced by nearly all of the recent partners I have found myself attempting relationship with.  They have quoted it as a way to express … Continue reading

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Sunny Side/Dark Side.

I was laying on the lower section of his bed…all curled up like a dog.  My head was resting on a swath of blue sleeping bag hammocked between his knees.  I’ve had that bag for 20 years.  It is all … Continue reading

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Personal Freedom

As a parent what is it that I do?  I ask myself this in regard to “what can I still do as a parent…since most of my true parenting rights have been stripped?”  Many single parents know what this is … Continue reading

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Poetry: Flight, Extension, Wind

How long does flight take? The south tradewinds have greeted me with ripped lashings buckled plates and a downed mast. Deeply set am I in the narrow mouth of Cape Horn all heeled over in winter and lost in the … Continue reading

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The Big Suck

I find I am never really free of something until I can put it down in writing…almost as if, when the words land on the paper or screen, that there are less of them taking up space inside of me. … Continue reading

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Someone Else’s Dream

I have been challenged lately to be quiet about my life.  And mostly I have been.  I have been sitting with this question of how to describe what my life is like at this moment.  I could not put my … Continue reading

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Poetry: If

If you are here but not staying couldn’t you also go, without actually going? If family matters to you so god damn much then…where are they? If all you thought about was me back then and I am here now … Continue reading

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