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Tonight writing will have to be my yoga. If I stretch sensation and memory in this direction I can still hear my son’s guitar filling the room with feelings…his voice filling the space with a softness and strength he has … Continue reading

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The Love Test

Even before I saw her walking down the street today, smiling broadly with a lightness to her step…I saw her today, in  my mind, over and over again.  It is not something that can be explained to you if it … Continue reading

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Full Moon with Kids

It is 3:17 AM.  It’s been a long week and the kids have been staying up late.  To be honest we have been having a bit of a Netflix and Hulu Plus marathon of shows to catch up on.  The … Continue reading

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My Favorite Word Is Sometimes

Sometimes I can only be true to myself if I slide in between everyone else and disappear.  Because inside those in between places I am most like I am, like a monk in a cave.  I turn inward because turning … Continue reading

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Not Quite a Bounce Back

The last time I really believed that my single life could be at an end, was September of 2012.   But I could not brook being in a relationship with someone who would not progress from separated to officially and … Continue reading

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2 Week Wrap Up

How does one not quite thrive but still survive?  Well we here at the Morris house are rather experts at this art form. As long as we are dwelling here in tightly clustered homes in a city and cannot yet … Continue reading

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The Relationship Between Love, Truth and Trust-and Responsibility

Today I went in search of a writing I composed some time ago.  It has been referenced by nearly all of the recent partners I have found myself attempting relationship with.  They have quoted it as a way to express … Continue reading

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