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Another Sunday

College application deadlines.  The spectre of the Monday custody switch over.  I decided that to go to our favorite spot, really the only ritual for peace together that we have…was not a good idea.  Then I lingered at the front … Continue reading

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Full Time Single Parent

I don’t really know what to say.  Sometimes I think I should take this site down for the simple reason that I really have no time to work with clients.  Not really.  For the first time since May of 2008 … Continue reading

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Tonight writing will have to be my yoga. If I stretch sensation and memory in this direction I can still hear my son’s guitar filling the room with feelings…his voice filling the space with a softness and strength he has … Continue reading

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The Love Test

Even before I saw her walking down the street today, smiling broadly with a lightness to her step…I saw her today, in  my mind, over and over again.  It is not something that can be explained to you if it … Continue reading

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Full Moon with Kids

It is 3:17 AM.  It’s been a long week and the kids have been staying up late.  To be honest we have been having a bit of a Netflix and Hulu Plus marathon of shows to catch up on.  The … Continue reading

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My Favorite Word Is Sometimes

Sometimes I can only be true to myself if I slide in between everyone else and disappear.  Because inside those in between places I am most like I am, like a monk in a cave.  I turn inward because turning … Continue reading

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Not Quite a Bounce Back

The last time I really believed that my single life could be at an end, was September of 2012.   But I could not brook being in a relationship with someone who would not progress from separated to officially and … Continue reading

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