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Yoga: A New Language

  It’s not really called yoga, any more than “tree” is what we call those tall bark covered leafy things that grow out of the ground all around this planet.  It’s so easy for us to forget how much the … Continue reading

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Father’s Day 2015

Today was Father’s Day.  This week with both kids has been arduous up until today.   I have been pressed into places that are so hard to describe…hard enough that I hope my description is something no readers can identify … Continue reading

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Summer Shoes

I had a presumption that she would be past such indecencies.  After 7 years…after all…who could keep up such a craft that long?  Perhaps it is that once you become so good at something that you find you can’t live … Continue reading

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Life After Single Parenting?

I am looking out through the screen and into a field of green leaves.  The trees are not distinguishable.  I am not really focused on where I am looking.  My true gaze is upon my children.  Will they make it? … Continue reading

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Before It’s Forgotten (Redo)

(The first version of this had format errors that made some parts read inaccurately) It was called Before It’s Forgotten.  A journal I tried to keep to explain things someday to my kids if they ever wanted to know what … Continue reading

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The Upside Down World of High Conflict Divorce

Virginia Gilbert wrote the following article which can also be seen on HuffPost.  My follow up comments are at the bottom…. Therapists are trained to help clients become self-aware and authentic. For people who grew up in invalidating environments, where … Continue reading

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Surviving This Long

I found myself talking about something, a moment in time, that I rarely recount.  And in the retelling it required context so that was offered as well.  It had been a long time since I had told the whole story. … Continue reading

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